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Filmetrics - Thin Film Thickness Measurement



Filmetrics is the manufacturer of thickness measurement systems. Filmetrics' thickness and retractive index can be measured in less than a second. Like all of Filmetrics' instruments, e.g. model F20 connects to the USB port of user's Windows computer and sets up in minutes.

In just one click we measure thin-film thickness by analyzing how the film reflects light. By measuring light not visible to the human eye, films as thin as 1nm and as thick as 13mm can be measured. And, because there are no moving parts, results are available in seconds: film thickness, color, refractive index, and even roughness

Film Thickness Measurement Systems

F20 Series

Measured film: flat, semi-transparent, absorb light film.
Example           : SiO2 SiNX DLC, photoresist, poly-si,

                            amorphous - Si, Si wafer
Substrates       : flat, reflective

If one want to get optical index, the substrates should be flat and reflective. Reflective processing should be done if the substrate is transparent.

Substrates     : Si, Al, GaAs, Steel, Polymer film,





F30: Integrated Film Thickness
Measurement Systems


F40: Microscopy Film Thickness
Measurement Systems

The Most Powerful Tool Available for Monitoring Thin-Film Deposition.

Measure deposition rates, film thickness, optical constants (n and k), and uniformity of semiconductors and dielectric layers in real-time with the F30 spectral reflectance system.


The F40 product family is for applications that require a spot size as small as 1 micron. For most microscopes the F40 simply attaches to the Cmount adapter, which is the industry standard for video camera mounting.






F50: Automated Thickness Mapping Systems

F60: Automated Thickness Mapping for Production Environments

Fully-automatic mapping of thickness and index for nearly any sample shape. Manual-load and robotic-load systems are available.

The Filmetrics F60-t family maps film thickness and index just like our F50 products, but it also includes a number of features intended specifically for production environments. These include automatic notch finding, automatic on-board baselining, an enclosed measurement stage with motion interlock, an industrial computer with pre-installed software, and the option to upgrade to fully robotic wafer handling.


The different F60-t instruments are distinguished primarily by thickness and wavelength range. Generally shorter wavelengths (e.g. F60-t-UV) are required to measure thinner films, while longer wavelengths allow measurement of thicker, rougher, and more opaque films.