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Chemcut - Wet Processing Line Etcher


Chemcut USA
Wet Processing Line Etcher

Chemcut Corporation – the world’s pioneer and leader in horizontal wet processing equipment for over 60 years has delivered over 18,000 machines to more than 1,600 customers worldwide.  Customers include PCB & FPC, PCM, Solar, Touch Panel and LCD displayer companies in the world.


Chemcut has been serving for the semiconductor industry in the areas:

  Water processing: CU, Titanium/Tungsten (Ti/W) and other Metals Etching, Dry Film Developing and Stripping.
Back etching for lead frames (QFN), BGAs and etc.
  Lead frames and IC Substrates processing




Lead Frames (QFN) & BGAs Back Etching & Half Etching Systems


Alkaline Etching:

•Etch Rate: 25-40um/min, suitable for thick Copper (above 15um) etching process
•Low undercut
•No damage on Metal (Nickel/Gold) Plating


Acidic Etching:

•Etch Rate: 5-10um/min, suitable for thin Copper (under 15um) etching process
•High undercut
•May damage on Metal(Nickel/Gold) plating



Chemcut 2300 SERIES

Small Production Lot and Prototype Systems



The Chemcut 2300 series is a family of compact, double sided, horizontal, conveyorized, oscillating-spray processing systems built with the same proven techniques and quality used on Chemcut’s larger systems. The 2300 series is ideally suited for laboratory, prototype and small production lots of printed circuits as well as chemically machined parts, instrument panels and nameplates.



This series of wet process equipment is available in several configurations designed for copper and ferric chloride etching, alkaline-ammonical etching, resist developing, chemical cleaning and resist stripping.  Special versions of the machines are available for specialty processing, such as etching with hydrofluoric and nitric acid mixtures and high temperature etching (up to 160°F, 71°C).



Versions Available For:
Chemical Cleaning

Ferric Etching

Cupric Etching

Alkaline Etching

Resist Developing

Resist Stripping

15 and 20 Inch Widths

18 x 24 Capable


Excellent Choice For:
Prototype Shops

Small Lot Shops

Development Labs

R&D Departments


Specialty Processing

Alternative Chemistries

Milling Special Alloys

Waste Reduction





CC8000 Wet Processing Line Etcher


CC8800 is designed for processing Semiconductor, IC (Lead Frames & IC Substrates), high end HDI PCB / FPC, Touch Panel and LCD Displayers, Solar and Precision Metal Parts.  Its unique spray rack designs enable it to reach a higher level of etch quantities.  Over 700 systems were built and installed since it was launched.


Wet Pattern (Pad) Making:

Dry Film Developing
Copper Etching


Water Wet Bumping Processes:

Photo Resist Developing: Similar to Pad making
Photo Resist Stripping: Require high spray pressure (30-40 bars), and specialty stripping chemicals
Seed Layer (UBM) Etching: Use spray or immersion processes, and different chemicals for various metals