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PVA Munich Metrology - Wafer Surface Measurement / Wafer Surface



Munich Metrology VPD Systems and Modules

Munich Metrology GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of PVA TePla, is a leading edge supplier of VPD, Vapor Phase Decomposition equipment with two decades of VPD experience with both equipment and applications.  In 2012 Munich Metrology was acquired by PVA-TePla to expand their Semiconductor Group metrology capabilities.  Munich Metrology products are now manufactured by PVA-TePla.



Automatic Systems

WSMS - Wafer Surface Measurement Systems


Munich Metrology offers the most advanced, fully integrated, VPD Measurement System available today. The WSMS includes a leading edge VPD, Vapor Phase Decomposition, sample collection system with a state-of-the-art chemical delivery system that automatically provides all the chemicals for VPD and all the chemicals required for the calibration of the integrated ICP-MS analysis system.  It is a complete measurement system under the control of one computer that accepts remote commands and provides measurement results in real time through a SECS/GEM factory automation interface.  The advantages of the WSMS include:

  • Lowest Detection Limits

  • Faster Delivery of Measurement Results

  • Accurate Measurements  through Precision, Error-Free, Chemical  Dosing, Diluting, Mixing and Delivery to both VPD and ICP-MS operations

  • Real Time Process Control

  • Significant Reduction in Labor Costs



Power : 220/110 V, 2.2 kW
DI water : 1.5 bar (20 psi), 2 l/h
Nitrogen : 1.5 bar (20 psi), 0.7 m³/h
Exhaust : 50 m³/h

Depth : 1507 mm
Width : 2065 mm
Height : 2140 mm
Table Top : 945 mm
Weight : 1100 kg



WSPS - Wafer Surface Preparation Systems (VPD Preparation)


WSPS systems include the processing modules, a robot, cassette stations and fixed load interface stations for FOUPS in a system enclosure that provides filtered clean air, utilities and power to the individual modules. WSPS software provides complete system operation capability and data collection including custom Recipe Set-Up, Job Definition, Job Execution, Management of Wafer Priority and Remote Monitoring and Operation.

  • Very low blanks

  • Modular system

  • Automated processing

  • Silicon layers and bulk



WSPS, Wafer Surface Preparation System and VPD Modules


PAD-Fume, Oxide Etch Module


Programmable Automatic Decomposition Fumer

The PAD-Fume is a chemical reaction chamber, which allows etching of wafers with HF from vapor phase. The material in contact with HF vapor is optimized for ultimate cleanliness. The system is designed for safe handling of HF vapor and can be operated without chemical hood.


PAD-Scan, Sample Collection Module


Programmable Automatic Droplet Scanner

The PAD-Scan allows collection of the dissolved residue with a liquid droplet. It features various scanning patterns, advanced handling of droplets and sophisticated preparation for subsequent analysis.



Programmable Automatic Droplet Dryer

The PAD-Dry prepares the droplet for TXRF analysis by drying on the wafer. It uses vacuum and moderate heat for a smooth and fast drying.




As a production oriented tool the WSPS offers all options for automatic wafer handling including SMIF and FOUP loadports. All software standards like SECS/GEM are implemented for integration into the fab control system


VPD Principle



The wafer is first processed with the PAD-Fume for dissolution of oxide layer by gaseous HF/H20 (vapor phase decomposition). Subsequently the now hydrophobic wafer is scanned with the PAD-Scan for collecting the dissolved oxide residue.



The droplet is transferred to a vial for analysis by AAS or ICP-MS. For TXRF analysis the droplet remains on the scanned wafer or is deposited on a reference wafer. The wafer with the droplet(s) is processed with the PAD-Dry in order to produce small, solid residue in a TXRF compatible shape.


300/450mm Bridge Tools

Munich Metrology VPD Systems and Modules are available for wafer sizes up to 450mm. All 450mm products are bridge tools that will work with both 300 and 450mm wafers.


Refurbished Systems

Munich Metrology has the capability to refurbish older GeMeTec VPD products bringing them up to date with commercial grade electronics and Windows software. Frequently used and refurbished VPD products are available for sale.