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Microtronic - Solderability Tests


The future in Solderbility Tests

Microtronic GmbH is a leading specialist of microelectronics products and services, located near Munich, Germany. Founded in 1981 by Joop A. Eggelaar, the company serves its customers with its more than 30 years of experience, and by providing real solutions. Through in-house training, the firm offers regular training courses on numerous topics, or can arrange specific employee training courses to suit specific needs.



LTB210 - Automated & PC Controlled Solderability Tester

Microtronic offers an extensive range of products, including advanced systems for electronic quality control, research, repair, and manufacturing industries. Of these, the LBT-210 automatic and PC-controlled solderability tester is the most popular. Designed to check the integrity and quality of electronic solder joints, this cutting-edge system meets current industry challenges for electronic manufacturing. It can perform solderability testing using the two classical approaches: by solder bath or molten globule or solder. It also provides a new method to help improve production, using solder paste and a temperature profile. With this new method, a component is placed on printed solder paste and heated through the same temperature profile used in production. All force parameters and values during the heating cycle are monitored and analyzed. This is the only known method of simulating and qualifying the solder profile of an in-line production solder furnace in conjunction with different solder pastes and components. 



Test Methodes & Options:
• Solder Bath Test with automatic scraper and dross bin
• Solder Ball Test with 1, 2, 3 & 4mm and bucket for used solder balls
• Solder Paste Test with substrate, solder paste and your component
• Automatic testing of multiple pins
• Automatic testing in oxygen atmosphere
• Tackiness testing (future option)
• Company wide central Database
• Preheating


• Dynamic range
• Automatic amplification
• Vibration dampening design
• Brushless DC Servo Motors
• Positioning: better than 5μm
• Bath surface position determined by non-contact laser sensor
• Video of measurment can be captured
• E-Stop, CE certified
• Software in German, English, French, (further languages possible)
• Data saved in a SQL Database with statistical analysis
• Export of data in CSV & text files
• Export of curves as image files


• Testing components
• Testing substrates
• Testing wetting forces
• Testing flux characteristics
• Testing paste characteristics

Storing Modules

Inserting a Module


Test with

Test with
Solder Bath

Test with
Solder Paste

Easy to
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Fan to cool
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