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Micro Control

 Micro Control Company
Micro Control Company Burn-in Systems & Burn-in Boards
Micro Control Company, founded by Harold Hamilton in 1972, is a manufacturer of test equipment for the electronics industry. The microprocessor-controlled test system produced in 1973 was the first in the industry. Today, the tradition continues with Micro Control's high-power burn-in and test systems which are being shipped to customers throughout the world. The current product line includes high-power burn-in systems for memory and logic applications, automatic test equipment and supplemental equipment testing.
MCC System features:

MCC individual high-power burn-in system, can meet the needs of different applications.

600 Watts

Pending Testing Device

HPB-4 High-Power Burn-In
• Individual temperature control
  for each device under test up
  to 600W.
• 1600 amps of DUT power
   available per burn-in board
• System capacity up to 112

HPB-5C Series High-Power Burn-in Systems
• Individual temperature control, up to 150W
• Individual pattern zone per burn-in board
• 32M of Vector memory, reconfigurable 8G
  Scan Memory (optional 64M)
• Programmable High Frequency Clock up to
• 16 Regulators and 1080 Amps of DUT
   current Available to each burn-in board
• Constant coltage mode, constant current
  mode, constant power mode

• Individual Chip Temperature Control up to 1,536 DUTs
• 64 Burn-in Boards with up to 16 Pattern and Power zones
• 128 Digital I/O Channels (per-pin architecture), 10 Regulators per Burn-In
   Board, up to 496 Amps of DUT current, and 256 Digital I/O Channels
   (per-pin architecture) is available too.
•  4M of Vector memory depth (8M Optional)

  Compatible with board size: Up to 300mmx600mm (64 BIBs)                                                                 Up to 600mmx600mm (32 BIBs)



  Individual Chip Temperature Control
Each device/product under Individual Temperature Control will have Air Valve (Cooling) and Heater Heat-sink (Heating) mechanism.
  Ø For all the integrated circuit to provide the
   most suitable burn-in temperature
Ø For all the integrated circuit provides a
   precise voltage and power
Ø Real time monitoring of the actual power
Ø The only tool to provide the most
   accurate temperature in burn-in test.