Teltec Pacific is a technical Sales and Service organisation serving the Semiconductor, Photonics and Optoelectronics Industries in Asia Pacific countries.

OAI - Solar/PV Technologies

OAI is a leading manufacturer of reliable, precision equipment for MEMS, semiconductors, nanotechnology, cleanroom automation, and for UV light measurement. With products installed worldwide, OAI systems are used for both R&D and production of semiconductors, MEMS and microfluidic devices. From mask aligners and UV light sources to UV power meters, OAI is a leader in the industry for over 35 years.


PV/Solar Technologies

With an innovative approach to PV/Solar technology, OAI offers a complete family of Solar Simulators, I–V Testers, Solar Power Meters, Reference Cells and related products for the photovoltaic, solar power, photochemistry and photobiology industries. The perfect choice for R&D, industrial and scientific applications, all OAI's Solar/PV products benefit from our 35 years of proven expertise in generating, measuring and controlling light. With thousands of systems and instruments in use around the world, OAI prides itself on superior products, excellent engineering support and highly responsive customer support. OAI offers the best specifications, reliability and repeatability at very competitive prices.  

TriSOL Class AAA Solar Simulators

TriSOL Class AAA Standard Solar Simulators
Spectral match 400nm–1100 nm; complies with ASTM, JIS, IEC standards. Standard sizes 52mm, 156mm, 208mm, and 300mm.

Application Specific Class AAA Solar Simulators

Designed with special filters for additional spectral match for specific applications

DSSC & Organic Solar Simulators
Meets JIS DSSC Class A spectral match in 50nm increments from 350nm–850nm

Multijunction Solar Simulators

CPV Solar Simulators
Low Dose CPV to 50 suns / High Dose to 1500 suns

Solar Simulators for Photochemistry & Photobiology

Custom Solar Simulators
Designed to meet your custom specifications

Service & Support
Worldwide customer service and technical support

Solar Cell I–V Measurement Systems

PV I–V Integrated Measurement Systems
Class AAA Solar Simulator, I–V Tester & Test Fixture

Single Long Pulse Test System for High Efficiency Cells
Class AAA Solar Simulator, I-V Tester, Electronic Feedback Control, & I–V Rider Software

Standalone I–V Tester & I–V Rider Software
Standard: 1A, 3A, 5A, 10A, and 20A

I–V Rider Software

Standard & Custom Test Fixtures

Flash Solar Power Meter
Measures output power of all flash type solar simulators

Continuous Wave Solar Power Meter
Measures output power of all continuous wave type solar simulators

Calibrated Reference Cells
For all PV cell types

Outdoor Panel & Array I-V Tracer
Available in 3.5kW, 1.2kW, 6.0kW and 500W ranges. Also records date, time, fill factor, temperature and more. Stores up to 400 sets of data.